Chalazion Surgery Factual Information

Chalazion surgery is one of the treatments that may be considered when one is suffering from this disease. Chalazion is an eye-related condition, a lump that develops commonly in the upper eyelid. It is also referred to as the meibomian cyst and it is a chronic disease mostly caused by an infection of the eyelids. Chalazion eye surgery is performed with the aim of removing the lump and therefore curing the condition.

Chalazion eye surgery is a day operation. This means that the patient does not need to remain in the hospital after the procedure has been performed. Chalazion removal surgery is done under local anesthetic so the patient will not feel pain during the procedure. The anesthetic used is often the same type of anesthetic that dentists use when working on one’s teeth. The patient will however feel that something is being done but he or she will not feel pain at all.

The smaller the chalazion is the easier surgery. A small cut is done at the back of the eyelid to remove a small chalazion. The cut has about 3mm and it is made on top of the chalazion. The surgeon removes the lump and then applies pressure for few minutes. The cut is made at the back of the eyelid and this makes it invisible with no need for stitches.

In cases when the chalazion is larger, the lump is removed through a cut in the front of the eyelid. The cut is still small, about 3 mm and it is done in the same place, at the top of the chalazion. After the lump is removed, pressure is applied to make sure the oozing of blood that may occur is stopped. In these cases, the operation is closed with fine stitches. The stitches are usually removed in almost a week after the operation has been performed. Since a chalazion may be in rare cases cancerous, it is usual that a removed chalazion is sent to the laboratory to make sure it does not harbor cancer.


It is quite a simple and harmless procedure and one of the most efficient chalazion treatments. After chalazion surgery recovery is usually painless. Patients who experience mild discomfort may take painkillers. Also, in an after chalazion surgery recovery, patients are advised not to get water into their eye for up to 10 days and avoid makeup for a month after the operation. Eye drops used in preventing infection or swelling of the eye may also be prescribed. The eye is covered with a pad and a protective plastic shield that is usually removed 8 hours after surgery. Patients who normally wear contact lenses are recommended to wear glasses instead for eight weeks. Patients who undergo this type of surgery can go back to work in one or two days and they may drive the day after the operation.

The chalazion removal surgery is a safe procedure which in very rare cases has complications. Usually, a minor bleeding occurs in the operated area but it stops as soon as pressure is applied. Chalazion surgery is all in all a safe method to permanently treat chalazions.

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